Dorcas Straight Pins

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Dorcas, "The Cadillac" of Straight Pins, an imported straight pin and available in 5 lengths.  1.  The Extended is the longest available without a colorball head.   It measures 1 7/16" long - 37MM X 0.65MM.  It is sold by a 500G box.

2.    The Spike measures 38 x 1.16MM and sold in a 100G box.  Used in the furrier trade and the upholstery trade. 

3.  The Size 17 measures 1" x .026 and sold by the pound with approx 6500 pins per lb.

4.  The Size 20 measures 1 3/16" x .026 and sold by the pound with approx 5700 per lb.

5.  The Size 23 measures 1 3/8" x .027 and sold by the 500G box with approx. 6500 per lb