A Bit About Buttons ...

From different locations all over the world, buttons are not only an essential part of clothing; but, are magical treasures that can not only transform a garment into a style or a particular era: but can represent a person's character.  As you peruse these sections one will see buttons being represented in Ligne.  This term is a linear measurement used in the sizing of buttons.  See size definitions.

18 Ligne measures 7/16" diameter or 11.5 mm
20 Ligne measures 1/2" diameter or 12 mm
24 Ligne measures 5/8" diameter or 15 mm
30 Ligne measures 3/4" diameter or 19 mm
32 Ligne measures 13/16" diameter or 20 mm
34 Ligne measures 7/8" diameter or 21 mm
36 Ligne measures 15/16" diameter or 23 mm
40 Ligne measures 1" diameter or 25 mm
45 Ligne measures 1 1/8" diameter or 28.5 mm