The Hobby of Brass Rubbing...

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Brass Rubbing has been a popular hobby during the past century. It is the picture made when you rub with paper and wax on a monumental brass.  A monumental brass or just “brass” is an engraved sheet of brass made as a monument to a medieval knight and laid originally on top of his tomb.  Many of these knights were from Normandy, France and the brass was imported from Germany.

Thousands of brasses remain to be seen in cathedrals and churches some in Europe but most of them in England.  AD 1277 – These early brasses depicted knights and their ladies, or priests, but very soon merchants, tradesmen, fishmongers, and wool merchants became wealthy enough to desire commemoration in brass.  These rubbings depict how they dressed.  One can see the traces of change in fashion over the centuries.  From armor to robes from chain mall to tutor ruffs.  

Concern has been expressed about possible damage to these medieval works of art.  It seems fitting that we esteem and guard our treasury of brasses.  For that reason, exact facsimile brasses were introduced raising funds for needed restoration.    The making of a brass rubbing help with the essential work of conserving ancient treasures for future generations. 

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