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It is a perfect time to introduce you to Stella, a labor of love.  This creative endeavor represented a transition of “brick & mortar” locations; and, became a muse for a logo designed by a dearly missed friend, Kitty Leech.  Stella is encrusted with pastel shades of mother-of pearl buttons that are then covered with Swarovski rhinestones of different sizes and colors.  An extravaganza with hot glue! Her credits include a few window displays and appeared as “mistress of ceremonies” for a few sewing sales events.
Alas, it is time for her to find a new purpose.  A place where she can be adored and appreciated for her glimmer!  Maybe a fashion showroom or a costume shop?  Maybe a prop department or a department store?  Maybe a background for a scene design or movie set?  She enjoys doing commercials!  Maybe a high-end lamp?  So many possibilities.  Please see the “Attic Section” of for additional information.


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